Ryerson Roofing is a local roofing company with an excellent reputation in Grapevine, TX. Our seasoned craftsmen have a lot of experience with metal work, including copper. If you need custom copper metal work, reach out to us today at 817-756-7686. We can start off with a no-cost roof inspection!

Finding Roof Leaks

A lot of times, a roof is leaking due to damaged or poorly installed metal/flashing. When our roofers inspect a roof, they check every area. This includes looking for bent or loose metal, holes, cracks, and punctures in a roof’s membrane, and ponding water. No matter the issue that your roof is dealing with, the Ryerson Roofing team has you covered with expert solutions!

Copper Experts

Copper can help prevent mold and is a durable metal that helps protect vulnerable areas on a roof. However, copper flashing or putting copper down to protect a valley isn’t as straightforward as laying down shingles. The people that you hire to install or repair your roof’s copper needs to have a lot of metal work experience.

With Ryerson Roofing, you can rest assured that your roof’s custom copper metal work project will be completed correctly. Our team has continued to prove that it can always be counted on for first class craftsmanship. We don’t hurry through projects and we always make sure that we have the right tools and materials for each job. This is why the roofs that we work on last!

Safety Conscious

There’s no getting around the fact that working on roofs comes with several risks. However, a lot can be done to minimize these risks. Although many roofing companies do not abide by OSHA’s regulations, we do. This protects our employees, our clients, and their property. For roofing projects completed correctly, safely, and on time, go with Ryerson Roofing!

Call Us Today!

For superior custom copper metal work, choose the professionals at Ryerson Roofing. We have been working with copper for a long time and continue to show that we are equipped to handle any sort of roofing project. If your commercial building is in Grapevine, TX, please get in touch with us today at 817-756-7686 to find out more!